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Fox News Breaks the Rules on 'Young Frankenstein'

Evidently Roger Friedman, columnist for the Fox News website, doesn't understand the rules of reviewing. In his column today he posts a rave of Young Frankenstein and the show hasn't even opened yet! He attended a matinee on Sat. Oct. 13 and notes that this is only the third performance. All us critics aren't supposed to post our opinions until after the opening night which is still a few weeks away (Nov. 8). Friedman's remarks are not just a hint or tidbit, but a full-fledged critique. Bloggers, chat-room habitues and other members of the general public are free to say whatever they want about shows in previews which they have paid to see, but professional journalists abide by the code of waiting til opening. There might be changes put in between now and then. The fact that Friedman loved the show is beside the point. Leave it to Fox News to break the rules.

Caught most of the MTV Legally Blonde (until it was time to watch America's Most Smartest Model)--fun, but nothing like being there. And, my God, those commercials were endless. And the lighting was so dark. I guess they didn't want TV lighting for the Broadway audience. I wonder how this will affect ticket sales. That is, if there's isn't a strike. I really don't think the stagehands will walk out. It's in no one's interest to close down Broadway. Everyone--the producers and the stagehands--will look bad.

--David Sheward


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