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Actress Karen Dyer Is Pretty 'Evil'

Sheva Ok, it's not Hamlet.  But Karen Dyer has added a solid credit to her resume -- as well as creating a fantasy figure for thousands of gamers -- as the voice and screen capture image of Sheva Alomar, a character in the bestselling video game Resident Evil 5. 

The Brooklyn-born performer's career has consisted of mostly smaller credits in big films like Tortilla Soup, Idlewild and Thank You for Smoking, as well as bigger roles in indies like Habanero and These Days. But as Dyer told CrunchGear.com, her active upbringing and interests were a definite advantage in landing the role in the action-based video game.

My background, physically, has been mostly in dance and circus. I did sports in my school days and stuff; I’m pretty active. But I still had to get a lot of stunt training because I did my own stunts in the game.

Plus, her fearlessness doesn't hurt:

Anything that’s unusual and daring I’m usually into. It didn’t take me long to want to pick up a few skills. Someone would come along and say, “Hey do you want to eat some fire?” I’d be like, sure!

KarenDyer1 Though much of her work on the game involved long hours in front of a green screen, Dyer also provided the voice for Sheva Alomar. Dyer worked hard with the game company to create a unique vocal identity for Sheva that fit her backstory, using the same kinds of character work familiar to most actors:

[Sheva’s accent] went though a couple of changes. Her parents are from Africa, she was born there. She doesn’t grow up there, her parents die when she’s really young and she gets shipped to Europe where she spends most of her childhood.

Capcom was trying to find this middle ground of what she would sound like. There was a lot more African in the beginning but she wasn’t there for most of her life so they decided to go with a more British accent. It’s funny because there’s still a hint of African in there, which you know makes sense if that’s the culture she’s from. So that’s how we came up with it.

Visit CrunchGear.com to read the entire interview.

-- Tom Penketh

See her work in this trailer for the game. Mature audiences only.

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