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Comic-Con: A 'Junior' League of Their Own

JLoSH “Working with friends is like living with friends,” Teresa Reilly said. “A lot of times it goes wrong, but sometimes it’s great. For us, it’s been great.”

Reilly is the assistant director and co-star of the comic web series, "The Junior League of Superheroes." The group will screen its latest episode on Saturday at Comic-Con, the comic book and video game expo, as part of its Independent Film Festival.

 Reilly created JLoSH with five close friends—four of whom she met while studying at NYU’s Atlantic Theatre Company—and is relieved to share with them the burden of producing as well as acting in the web series.

“I think it’s a testament to our friendship that we collaborate together so well,” she said.

Leia“For me, working with this group of friends is an ideal situation,” said director Justin Fair. “We come from the same school and speak a common creative language. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with them.”

JLoSH follows six bumbling, 20-somethings who team up to become superheroes. Unfortunately, there is nothing particularly super about any of these individuals, as they are graced with the most mundane of powers.

Reilly plays Meg, whose super ego, “The Green Fairy,” is a wannabe Wonder Woman with the super skill of Mother Nature. Justin Davidson is nerdy Ned—aka “The Fish”—who may or may not be able to talk to aquatic animals. Julie Gearhead plays Jen, “The Shifter,” whose spontaneous disposition gives her the power of…spontaneity.

Rob, otherwise known as “The Tongue,” is played by Justin Fair, who possesses the huge wit and karma-fluffing ability necessary to bag beautiful women. Foster Wilson portrays Kate, “The White Russian,” a beauty whose uses her looks to manipulate nearby men. And finally, Brian Leahy is Mark, “The Crag,” whose repressed anger allows him to eat an entire roast beef hoagie in less than five seconds.

Hoagie “We’re so excited to show the third episode in San Diego because it’s pretty epic,” Reilly said. “It answers some questions, but opens up a bunch of new ones.”

Like Reilly and Fair, each of the actors also has a major role on the other side of the camera: Davidson produces, Gearhead designs the costumes, Wilson is in charge of casting, and Leahy writes the scripts, which have given the series the same brand of ridiculous comedy as the hit TV show, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

“We wanted to use that type of humor,” Reilly explained. “Our characters want to do good things in the world but they’re really just awkward people bumbling around.”

The group received an unexpected boost from festival producers when JLoSH was the only web series featured.

“We are really hoping to get more viewers because of Comic-Con,” Fair said. “We want to spread the word. If we get enough people to start watching, eventually someone will give us some money to make more of them.”

Tongue The feedback so far has been mostly positive, according to Reilly.

“Even my 85-year-old grandfather loved it. He said he liked the acting but everything else befuddled him,” she said with a laugh.

“But that is something, isn’t it, getting an 85-year-old man to go online and watch a web series?”

Now that is a feat of superhero proportion if I’ve ever heard one.

The third episode of
The Junior League of Superheroes debuts Saturday, July 25th, at 12:25 P.M, in Room 26AB, on the south side of the San Diego Convention Center, above Hall H.  For more information about Comic-Con, visit the website.

Check out the first two episodes below.

-- Michael Catania

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don't really think the series is that great... poor writing, and feels kind of like it's failing at the same kind of approach "Dr. Horrible" was so successful with. the camera work is great though!


I'm "befuddled" to be sure but I am not totally wacked out.

C U nxt wk.


I watched the two episodes. I like the characters and the dialogue. Ok...I'm hooked. Bring on episode 3!

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