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Furiouser and Furiouser

 One of L.A.'s most acclaimed and adventurous theater groups, Furious Theatre Company, has announced its seventh season, to be presented at the Carrie Hamilton Theatre, adjacent to the Pasadena Playhouse, except for the third offering, which will be staged at a venue to be announced.  Pictured here is a scene from last season's magnificent production of Bruce Norris' startling domestic drama The Pain and the Itch, a co-production between Furious and Theatre @ Boston Court. The bill of fare for 2010 sounds as intriguing and edgy as the work we have come to expect from this young but highly accomplished company.

First up is the West Coast premiere of Jason Wells' comedic thriller Men of Tortuga, directed by Alex Chamow, in which three incompetent power brokers scheme with a weapons specialist to assassinate a despised opponent. It opens February 20 and runs through March 21 at the Carrie Hamilton.

Next is the L.A. bow for boom, by Peter Nachrtrieb, and hemed  by Furious' renowned artistic director  Damaso Rodriguez. I's called a comedy both epic and intimate, spanning billions of years, in which a major catastrophic event strikes the planet. It will play in May at dates to be announced at the Carrie Hamilton.

SoCal Stages_blog Finally, also directed by Rodriguez, is Matt Felfrey's NOgoodDEED, a world premiere comedy. about a young man driven to ruin by his own act of bravery. It's called part play, part graphic novel, and part something utterly new and extreme. In other words, another Furious envelope pusher. The only thing likely to make me furious about this lineup would be missing any entries in this most tantalzing season.

--Les Spindle

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