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Burning Inspiration

Surreal, thy name is Griffith Park. So, on Saturday my baby-daughter celebrated her 2nd birthday at Griffith Park, specifically, at Shane's Inspiration. Shane's Inspiration is basically heroin for toddlers. It is the most fantastic playground I've ever seen and apparently L.A.'s best kept secret. It was pretty busy that day (Cinco de Mayo). However, there are few signs acknowledging the playground's presence and I'd never heard of it before even though I'd been in the Park quite often. (It's not far from the Merry-Go-Round.)

Party_hat_shotIt was crazy-windy that day so I made sure not to light her tiny 2 birthday candle. We just sang and ate. It was SO WEIRD that three days later, Griffith Park literally burst into flame. We live about 5 miles away and we don't have a backyard so we sort of feel like Griffith Park is our nominated backyard. We love it. We love Travel Town, The Zoo, Shane's Inspiration, The Merry-Go-Round, and The Observatory. It's a sad day when your backyard is on fire. Driving past it on my way to Silverlake Yoga earlier today, I could see acreage that was just black and barren. Ultimately, I know that the park will regrow and that fire can be good for the environment because it clears out the undergrowth. Tell that to the people who had to spend the night at a High School Gymnasium because their Los Feliz neighborhood was evacuated, right?

Well, by now, you may think this blog isn't about acting. Wrong. Learning how to live, dealing with natural disasters, children, people, and conflict is what the most interesting stories should be about: LIFE. When I was watching the coverage of the fire last night and then again when talking to one of my Pilates clients who prepared to evacuate (she lived a block from the mandatory evacuation area); I realized something. If a fire took our apartment it would pretty much take everything we own. Financially, we would be done. All our wealth is in our things. That's probably bad. Well, not ALL our wealth. We're spiritually wealthy, but you know what I mean. We'd be on the street.

It really scared me. It was one reason I interviewed for a part-time day job today. Until I can get Pilates to the point where I can do more than live paycheck to paycheck, I have to get more serious about our financial future. When you have children this is a necessary phase of growing up, I suppose. It means that this summer and fall, I have to put financial growth first. What does that mean for my acting career? I'm still figuring that out. Maybe I need to re-read The Renaissance Soul...

Do I trade in my Peter Pan flute for a paycheck? --Evelyn Elam

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