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Hello All You Happy People

New York (17) My name is Joel. I am an actor. I’ve been acting since a little before my second grade teacher back in Seattle decided that my class should put on a production of William Shakespeare’s, The Tempest. They gave me the part of Antonio, a fake moustache, and a plastic sword with a fake red jewel on the hilt. I was hooked.

Skipping most of my lifetime, just about a month ago, after doing some international traveling, I landed in New York City. I had a sublet in East Harlem with an air mattress and a card table, a backpack with some clothes, and a list of friends and friends-of-friends to get in touch with.

I’m still new in town. But I’ve started making inroads.

I’ve been cast in a sketch comedy show on the 45th St Theater called “Something Outrageous,” I’ve got an appointment for new (color) headshots to be taken on Saturday in Brooklyn. My sublet is now my own apartment, on a month-to-month lease. I’ve checked out about a dozen plays and books on the acting business from the New York Public Library.

And, starting today, I’ll be blogging for Backstage Unscripted.

If you follow my posts, you’re going to be getting an ants’-eye view of the business. My story here will be the story of a new, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, idealistic, twentysomething actor entering the big bad city.

Lots of you know the city. Not too many of you know me yet. Here comes a paragraph to fix that, summer-camp style:

I’m six feet tall. I often talk too fast. I grew up about 95% in Seattle, WA, and 5% on my grandparents’ cattle ranch on the Colombia River. I’ve always liked animals, and the color red. Also chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. I’ve got a deep voice. When I wasn’t busy acting. I studied for a double major in Political Science and International Studies at the University of Chicago. I speak Spanish, and can fake Italian and Portuguese. I know about a dozen words in Japanese, Russian, and Hindi. I can play about four songs on a guitar, and make up several of my own on piano. And, right now, the two things I want in life are stories and adventures.

I spent the last couple years on the adventure side. Now I’m here for the stories. That’s why I’m here to act.

If you like what you see here, you can read more about my personal experiences at my newest personal blog, Constant Audition. Please feel free to shoot me any questions, comments or suggestions, and I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I’m going to enjoy writing them!

~Joel R. Putnam

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Ann Hu

Welcome Joel! Go to this sake bar in the east village, it's called Decibel on 9th street btwn 2nd ave. There's a RED Japanese lantern marking the entrance. Lots of adventure and stories in there. Good luck in the Big Apple! I certainly loved my time there!

Joel R. Putnam

Thanks! Sake is one of my favorite drinks-- I'll definitely have to check that out sometime.


Welcome Joel!

Joel R. Putnam

Thanks Lira! Looking forward to working here...


Welcome Joel! :)

Brandi Ford

Glad to have you hear Joel! And I've added your personal acting blog to my google reader as well.

Joel R. Putnam

Thanks! Hope you enjoy both...

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