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Hair today, gone tomorrow

I just came across this excellent article in the U.K. Daily Mail, albeit a short one, on 81-year-old actor Tony Curtis. The articles fails to state explicitly that Curtis is bald (as opposed to having his head shaved for a role), but the implication is there, and that's enough right there to impress me.

As a man who became resigned to a certain amount of gradual hair loss long ago (and bearing in mind the fact that something like 65% of all men over 30 do show some hair loss), what Curtis has done is really rather inspirational to all actors, when you think about it. And it certainly stands in marked contrast to something I saw on cable the other night -- a program about the psychological inner workings of those afflicted with body dysmorphic disorder.

I'm mentioning all this because it seems to me that there's a slippery slope that actors face -- a big difference between wanting or even needing to get that delicate little nip or that impercible little tuck so as to better be positioned to audition and to win roles, and going so bizarrely far in the other direction that the actor in question looks like a freak.

In an ideal world, actors would come to Curtis' mindset a lot sooner, a lot more openly, and a lot more, well, boastfully. At least he's apparently quite comfortable with his situation, and has not only embraced it but figured out how to turn it to his advantage. (I mean, he is working.) And if you take a long peek at the photos, Curtis actually looks spectacular.

Long live the baldies.

--Leonard Jacobs

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