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Spike Lee's 'Stalag'

Of course as soon as I post a list of shows for 2007-08, another show is announced--Spike Lee's revival of Stalag 17, which is shaping up to be one of the biggest shows of the season. There was supposed to be a press conference tomorrow but somebody leaked the info to both Mike Reidel in the Post and to the Times. So the press conference has been postponed since it's no longer a surprise. The Post and the Times disagree over Clive Owen's possible involvement. The Times speculates the British hunk would play the William Holden role while the Post has him donning the leather boots of the German commandant, played by Otto Preminger in the film. Reidel has Mark Wahlberg as a possibility for the Holden role.

Lee also states the play will be rewritten by himself and Donald Bevan, who co-wrote the play with the late Edmund Trzcinski. The updates will include more profanity and some of the relations between the POWs will be more "intimate."....Hmmmm.

--David Sheward 

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I would love to see someone like Jeremy Northam in this production.
Clive Owen is not my idea of a stage actor.

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