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CBS 'Kid Nation'

There is an interesting article written by the NY Times about CBS's new reality show Kid Nation. Fingers are being shaken at producers of the show for questionable violation of child labor laws. Apparently CBS producers thought it okay to have 40 kids, who range in ages 8-15, work ridiculous hours over the course of the 40-day shoot in New Mexico. Producers did however, issue the right for the participants to leave during production if he or she felt they needed to, but with a catch. If they did choose to leave, they would forfeit pay and still be bound to a confidentiality contract.

Questionable abuse and bribes? Sounds more like an espisode of Maury to me...

Read the article here: 'Kid Nation' Parents Gave Show Free Rein

Kid Nation premieres Sept. 19 on CBS.

--Diana DiSilvestro

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