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NYFF 2007 Announces Line-Up and Schedule

The Film Society of Lincoln Center unveiled the public screening schedule for the 45th New York Film Festival on Tuesday. The festival will premiere 28 films between Sept. 28 and Oct. 14, and will also include retrospective screenings and other special events.

This year, the festival offers talks exploring film's role in American art. The first complements the festival’s anniversary screening of Ridley Scott’s new “definitive cut” of his landmark science fiction film, Blade Runner. Titled The Future Is Now: Blade Runner at 25, the panel will include film scholars Giuliana Bruno, Scott Bukatman, Jane Gaines and members of the film’s creative team in a discussion of the film and its influence on science fiction, cinema and American culture. (Even if you've seen Blade Runner's 27 other "director's cuts," "collector's editions," "let's try it one more time" cuts and other do-overs, this latest version might still be worthwhile.)

In addition, the HBO Films Directors Dialogues focus on four unique American directors with new, highly anticipated films in this year’s festival: Julian Schnabel, Todd Haynes, Wes Anderson and Sidney Lumet.

Schnabel returns to the New York Film Festival with his acclaimed adaptation of the Jean-Dominique Bauby memoir, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. He will discuss his career as both a painter and filmmaker with Film Society program director and festival selection committee chairman Richard Peña.

One of America’s most idiosyncratic filmmakers, Haynes adds his newest film I’m Not There, a poetic meditation on the life and legend of Bob Dylan, to his previous New York Film Festival selections Dottie Gets Spanked and Velvet Goldmine. He will discuss the prominent themes of such singular works—including pop culture, sexuality and the question of the self in the modern world—with The Village Voice film critic and festival selection committee member J. Hoberman. After the wondrous glam mess of Velvet Goldmine, we can't wait for Haynes' latest musical opus. But we're less excited to hear Haynes speak than to see actress Cate Blanchett, among others in a star-studded cast, play Dylan at various stages of his life.

Anderson also returns to the New York Film Festival for the third time, following up Rushmore and The Royal Tenenbaums  with this year’s Opening Night selection, The Darjeeling Limited. He joins Film Comment editor-at-large and festival selection committee member Kent
Jones for his HBO Films Directors Dialogues event.

From the NYFF press release:

One year after the death of their father, three estranged brothers (Owen Wilson, Jason Schwartzman and Adrien Brody) board the Darjeeling Limited train and travel across India on a "spiritual journey." Any actual enlightenment is nullified by their (hilarious) bickering and one-upmanship. And then, something happens.

Looks like Anderson continues to try to resolve his daddy issues on screen - but we still can't get enough of it.

The final dialogue hosts Sidney Lumet, who returns to the festival for the first time since 1964’s Fail-Safe with his crime drama, Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead. The iconic New York director of such film classics as 12 Angry Men, Serpico, Dog Day Afternoon and Network will sit down with Film Comment editor Gavin Smith to discuss his 50-year journey through film and television.

As always, the NYFF boasts a huge list of premieres from some of the world's most prominent filmmakers. Other highlights at this year's fest includes the Coen brothers' No Country For Old Men, starring Javier Bardem, Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin;  Claude Chabrol's  A Girl Cut In Two;  Abel Ferrara's Go Go Tales; Noah Baumbach's Margot at the Wedding, starring Nicole Kidman and Jack Black; Jon Landis' Mr. Warmth: The Don Rickles Project; Gus Van Sant's Paranoid Park; Brian De Palma's Redacted; and 87-year-old Eric Rohmer's The Romance of Astree and Celadon.

The 45th New York Film Festival, presented by the Film Society of Lincoln Center, is sponsored by Sardinia Region Tourism and The New York Times.

For more information, and to view the full schedule of films and events at this year's NYFF, visit the NYFF website.

- Daniel Lehman

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