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The Boys Are Back In Town

The infamous tenth season of South Park, Comedy Central’s #1 show, came out on DVD today. That’s right; Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny are baaaack. This latest collection's clever, socially relevant humor is so wrong that it’s right. Season includes the notorious episode The Return of Chef, Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy, and my absolute favorite Make Love Not Warcraft*. 1008worldofwarcraft1

If you haven’t seen the show lately I highly recommend that you start tuning in. Forget what South Park used to be (fart jokes, name-calling, and more fart jokes), it’s evolved into a smart, creative, sarcastic humor machine. The creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s absurdity has gotten so refreshingly entertaining that in the past couple of years the show has been challenged by Tom Cruise (when will he ever come out of the closet?), Isaac Hayes (who used to voice Chef), and countless religious groups. In fact, the show, who recently celebrated 10 years on the air, has even been making headlines for its antics on channels like CNN and CNBC.

Who would have thought that 10 years ago this little animated show about four, fouled-mouth,  white-trash kids would be making media waves on prominent news channels? Apparently Comedy Central did. The station, who has stuck by the show even when it was being criticized and threatened by entertainment moguls, believes in the show so much that it recently renewed its contract with the creators.

1006manbearpig1 So, what will the upcoming season of South Park attack next? Utah miners? Britney’s meltdown? Steroid-induced wrestlers? I have no idea, but one things for sure, with a year filled with so much drama, next season's sure to be a laugh-fest.

All new episodes of South Park are slated to begin Oct. 3 on Comedy Central.

*The 10th Season Collection comes with a 14-day trial of World of Warcraft!!!

--Diana DiSilvestro

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