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Anna Faris Gets 'Deep'

Anna_faris Funny girl Anna Faris (Just Friends, the Scary Movie series) is trading deep belly laughs for deep throat in her next role, starring as porn star Linda Lovelace. The Deep Throat actress that brought X-rated movies to the mainstream will be given the biopic treatment in Inferno, to be directed by newcomer Matthew Wilder.

"It's a really deep, dark drama," Faris said. 'And it would be cool for me to do."

According to MTV Movies:

Lovelace became a household name after Deep Throat became a pop-culture phenomenon that had stars like Johnny Carson and Jack Nicholson attending showings. Porn became chic, and the film has to date grossed more than $600 million worldwide (some believe it is still the most profitable movie ever made).

In the years that followed, however, Lovelace reinvented herself as an anti-porn crusader, toiled in poverty and insisted that she had a gun held to her head off-camera during those infamous Throat scenes, blaming the experience largely on her manager/husband Chuck Traynor.

"This would be incredibly intense," Faris said of the script about Lovelace, who died in 2002 following a car accident and several weeks on life support. "It would be the most difficult thing I've done, and I'm really nervous."

"It's a pretty tragic story,"  she admitted with earnest. "It's going to be a challenge, definitely."

Faris said that the other roles in the film, including Lovelace's husband, have not yet been cast.

Deep Throat was already revisited once with the 2005 documentary Inside Deep Throat. Faris is currently wrapping the Playboy bunny comedy I Know What Boys Like.

-- Daniel Lehman

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