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Strike Survival Guide

Wga_strike_variety_logo 'Tis the season...for strikes, that is. With the Writers Guild of America strike already in its second week with no signs of stopping, the Broadway stagehands are now in the midst of their own strike that has shut out the lights of most Broadway theatres.

The New York Times explains, "This is the second strike on Broadway in less than five years. The four-day musicians’ walkout in 2003 was the first in almost three decades. But this is the first time Local One, a 121-year-old union, has called a strike on Broadway."

As a possible antidote, the Times offers its own "Broadway Strike Survival Guide," drawing attention to some of the best Off and Off-Off Broadway shows currently on stage; and Playbill.com explains how the strike could end up "making lemonade out of lemons" for the rest of the NYC theatre community.


Check out the New York Times website for their full coverage of both the Broadway labor strike and the WGA strike.

-- Daniel Lehman

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