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Letter from the Editor

Jamieyoung_2 It's fortuitous that Back Stage's first-ever Focus on New Media coincides with the first days of the Writers Guild of America strike; we planned our New Media coverage a year ago, but the timing could not be more appropriate. Payment for Internet-streamed content and new-media content is a key area of contention between WGA members and producers, and the outcome of this strike will likely have a significant impact on the Screen Actors Guild's future negotiations pertaining to new media. Another issue that actors should pay close attention to in this strike is DVD residuals. WGA members had been trying to double their stake in DVD sales. However, during pre-strike negotiations, WGA withdrew this request, so it's unclear whether a raise in DVD payments will be brought back to the table. Should writers advance in this area, guild actors will likely try to do the same.

As for Back Stage's new-media articles in this issue, we hope you find them enlightening and inspiring. With the affordable filmmaking and computer tools available, anyone can create video content and share it with the world. Though there's no guarantee, the Internet is another path to actors getting a break. Please let us know if there are related stories that you think we should be covering in the area of new media or if you have a personal story to share with our readers in regards to the digital arena.

On a separate but related note, I encourage you to visit us online at BackStage.com to view the latest updates to our website, which include a newly designed homepage, easier navigation, and the inclusion of all our print advice columns. So if you ever miss a print issue, you can always connect to Back Stage online to catch up.

Like technology, Back Stage is continually evolving. So stay tuned for other digital advances to our brand. Again, we welcome your feedback and hope to better serve you along the way.


Jamie Painter Young
National Editor-in-Chief
[email protected]

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