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Who Didn't Get the Part?

Harrison_ford_indiana_jones_and_the Most movie buffs probably already know that Warren Beatty turned down the title role in Kill Bill, Dan Aykroyd didn't play Animal House's D-Day due to a scheduling conflict, and Tom Selleck could have been Indiana Jones. There are countless stories of the miscast, almost-cast, and never-cast in Hollywood, which engender dreams of what might have been and how your favorite movies could have turned out a whole lot differently.

For example, did you know that Harrison Ford turned down two starring roles that would eventually go to Kevin Costner (in JFK and The Untouchables), and also refused the leads in modern classics like Alien, Big, A History of Violence, and Jurassic Park?

And did you know that Harrison Ford's role in Air Force One was originally written for Kevin Costner?

Did you know that  Paul Newman turned down  the lead role in Signs, which would then star Mel Gibson?

Did you know that Tom Hanks, instead of Robin Williams, was considered for the role of Peter Pan in Hook?

Kevin_costner Well, www.notstarring.com knows all of these things, even if you didn't before. It's an incredibly addictive "movie trivia database focusing exclusively on movie stars and the roles they turned down, auditioned for, got fired from, or simply didn't get." All information is submitted by users, but verified Wikipedia-style.

(One last note: you wouldn't believe how many Hollywood hunks were up for Patrick Swayze's role in Ghost.)

-- Daniel Lehman

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