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Renee Zellweger: Bridget Jones 3 Might Kill Me. What About Us?

Reneezellweger Renee Zellweger shocks exactly no one  by announcing that the weight gain for Bridget Jones' Diary (both of 'em) was hard on her body and possibly her health...and yet that isn't stopping her from considering a third installment. She's worried about the yo-yo diet "killing" her. I'd be more worried about the movie killing us, with its pointlessness and crass. Take your pick for COD: it's gonna be either boredom or horror. There's only so far you can push the fat jokes on a woman who really isn't all that big, and looks a lot thinner than a lot of healthy women I see everyday walking down the street.

But who thought it was a good idea, in the sequel, The Edge of Reason, to make fun of a gulag?! That's an underground prison where people go in and never come out; the conditions can be described as nothing less than hellish. It's impossible to exaggerate the tortures that occur there. But jolly old fat Bridget gets the girls to take off their bras and sing Madonna. Oh thank goodness those women had a moment of song before being dragged off and raped again! I'd say someone jumped off the cliff of reason.

Yuck. It's not the weight gain that disgusts me.

--Anna Bengel

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