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Secret Agent Man Controversy

Secretagentman Back Stage received many emails about our new column, Secret Agent Man. Here is a sampling of the feedback. To read this column, visit www.backstage.com/bizacting.

"I like this new column. I like his honesty; I'd much rather someone be honest than lie about it all, no matter how much the truth hurts. He just confirmed what I have been trying so hard to do as well as believe: to be grateful for every little thing that comes my way in this very tough field. I never want to end up being a 'bitter' actor. Also, cool name for this new column."-- Monica Belardi, Pearl River, N.Y.

"When I started reading the column, I thought, 'What a good idea!' But as I read on, I didn't like it at all and completely changed my mind. I read the supposed insights, and they weren't insightful or helpful at all. It was pretty much just plain bitching and pretty nasty. Unless he/she meant the 'be grateful' to be so helpful to us! Wow, that's deep. I think the column has potential to be helpful to us actors. Otherwise, no way is it up to the level that Back Stage has been achieving these days."-- KM, New York

"I am so excited about this new Secret Agent column. And no, I don't think SAM sounds bitter and cynical. As an actor, I loved this first column. It burns me up so much when I hear other actors bitching about how their co-star role was only five lines, not 10, or how they just couldn't get top-of-the-show billing on that guest-star spot. I just have no patience for it. Thanks for being candid and honest. Can't wait to read more of these."-- Meagan Flynn,   Los Angeles; Kansas City, Mo.

"I don't like your new column, Secret Agent Man. I found it entirely without merit, insulting to my intelligence, and not worthy of your publication."-- R. Williams,  Burbank, Calif.

"More of this stuff would be terrific: candid, straightforward info from industry insiders like agents and CDs."-- Chris Forsyth, Sherman Oaks, Calif.

"I loved the new Secret Agent Man column. Its brutal honesty was so refreshing. Can't wait to read what he writes next."-- Teal, Los Angeles

"I would just like to thank you for introducing this column to your website. I am an actor in New   York, and I recently finished my undergraduate degree and have been feeling really down on myself about my career so far. 'Every accomplishment, no matter how small, is a step forward' is a great line that truly makes us appreciate every chance we are given to perform. It also makes me feel much better about what I have done so far and have some hope for what lies ahead."-- Sean-Michael Wilkinson, New York

Back Stage welcomes all reader feedback and comments. To write us, email [email protected].

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