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Sex Sex Sex & the City City City

Sarahjessicaparker I guess I don't really know how it works in Hollywood. Or New York City, or film, or television. So Sex & the City is going to be a movie. This I can wrap my head around, although the jury's still out up there as to whether that's a legitimately artistic, creative, solid idea. But who cares? It's a foregone conclusion really. Those who love it will love it; those who are indifferent will, well, whatever; and those who thought it was ridiculously fake and patronizing to begin with (a weekly cultural affairs columnist for a tabloid rag can afford Gucci and Manolo and Prada and...please) won't be seeing it.

Sexandthecity_2 Some of us thought the show was the worst kind of perversity: the producers and actors alike couldn't stop praising themselves that the show was about real women -- that they had finally made a show that dared to portray real women -- while making the characters absolutely nothing like real women. The show rewarded not the realness but the image, the persona, the fake, and we gobbled up the fantasy, quite understandably because self-indulgence -- even delusional -- just feels great. The stereotypes, though, could make you choke, so we kept our mouths shut, for the most part, swallowed, and ignored them. The costumes and locations sure were pretty. And the dialogue, I'll bite, was pretty snappy.

Kimcatrell But a trilogy? Sweeping aside the obvious doubts that the quality of the material and not pumping the box office is really the priority here, once you get into that much film time, I wonder: why bother to put the story into movie form at all? One episode of the series was about 20 to 25 minutes, so a standard romantic comedy movie version would be about three episodes of screen time. That seems reasonable. But if you're talking three movies, you're talking about the cumulative effect of another whole , albeit shortened, season. Why not just put the show on the air again? HBO has the space now!

Or, at the very least, make sure the story's worth telling. And telling, and telling.

--Anna Bengel

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