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Hulk Smash!

Incredible_hulk_tv_transformation_2 Poor Bill Bixby. As Dr. David Bruce Banner, he really got his ass whupped every week on the '70s series The Incredible Hulk. Lou Ferrigno got all the glory as the muscle-bound green goliath. Bixby just got mad.

Check out this complete list of the 117 things that made the Hulk mad over the course of that seminal show. They range from "being mauled by a bear" and "placed in a small room with a ravenous black panther" to "attempting to turn off the boiling hot water for the waxmaker, only to have the faucet break off in his hand and scald him, and then inexplicably slipping and rolling around in same boiling hot water."

My favorites have to be  numbers 44 and 52. You really wouldn't like him when he's angry...

-- Daniel Lehman

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