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Recording for Blind Seeks Volunteer Readers

Volunteers2 Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic, a national nonprofit organization that serves over 185,000 people, seeks volunteers to bring people with print disabilities the books they need to learn and succeed.

Readers at RFB&D narrate the text of a book and describe any visual elements, such as charts, graphs, pictures, maps, or mathematical equations. Currently, RFB&D is facing a shortage of specialized readers proficient in math, science, finance, accounting, computer science, foreign languages, and other technical areas.

They also are in need of volunteers to read general K-12 titles. RFD&B produces the books in digital format on CD to offer students greater ability to search for and retrieve information quickly and easily.

All of the books in RFB&D's library are recorded by volunteers working in 30 studios or at home across the country.  Visit www.rfbd.org/support_1.htm for to find the addresses and phone numbers of the nearest studios.

More information can also be found by calling the RFB&D's headquarters office at 800-803-7201 or sending an e-mail to [email protected].

-- Ronni Reich

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Hi, I'm an RFBD volunteer here in DC, and I have to tell you this is very rewarding volunteer work. I've been reading for them for about 2 years now and look forward to my 2 hours a week in the recording booth. I've met folks who used our recordings to help them graduate high-school, undergrad & post-grad degrees, even PhDs. And the brilliant bit is the text books you record are shared across the country so they get to be reused many many times.

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