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Back Stage Upgrades Its Multimedia Résumé System

Resumemanagerexample Back Stage has launched a variety of new online-résumé  improvements.

Highlights include:

New and Improved  Multimedia Résumé System – More robust tools and easier access to your online résumés, photos, reels, cover letters, and personal résumé-link pages.

New Résumé Look – Every résumé on Back Stage now has a much cooler and more professional-looking design, with a stronger emphasis on your photos, video/audio reels, and credits. You can now create more dynamic and impressive multimedia-enhanced résumés. And this upgrade is backward compatible: If you already have a résumé on BackStage.com, then your old résumé will be instantly updated to the new-and-improved multimedia-résumé template the next time you edit your résumé.

More Media Support – Back Stage’s résumé system now accepts a wider range of audio, video, and photo files, including popular QuickTime formats and both hinted/streaming and unhinted/downloadable media files. You can now add much more media to your résumés, including bigger files and bigger photos, for no extra charge.

Improved Headshot/Photo Support – You can now add over 20 photos to every résumé, and every photo will automatically appear as a clickable “thumbnail” photo, leading to a bigger version of the photo. And we’ve expanded the size-limit so that you can upload even bigger photos than before. All for no extra charge, and none of the hidden fees you might run into on other sites.

Embedded Media – Add your audio, video, and other media from third-party sites (such as YouTube, OurStage, and MySpaceTV) directly into your Back Stage résumé, and wow casting directors and producers with your stunning online presentation.

Backstagebulletin_resume_gillesdecr Add documents to your résumé – You can now upload and attach document files (.doc, .pdf, .rtf, .txt) to your Back Stage résumé, including your professional résumé, press clippings, a bio, comp cards, references, etc.

Add links to your résumé – You can link your Back Stage résumé to your pages on other websites, such as IMDb, iActor, MySpace, Facebook, etc.

Improved Credits/Experiences and Training/Education Interface – It’s now much easier to add to, organize, format, re-order, and personalize your list of credits.

Improved Résumé Builder/Editor – New options and expanded instructions help you to create the greatest and most personalized professional multimedia résumés possible. Paste in pre-formatted text, tag your résumé with appropriate search tags, add your résumé to the BackStage.com talent database, and more. The most complete and recently updated résumés on BackStage.com automatically float to the top of our Talent Database search results.

Personalized Résumé Links – Every BackStage.com subscriber can discover their new, personalized “Résumé Link” by visiting their Résumés page and clicking on the “Promote Your Résumé – Find Your Link” option. You can then share this link with casting directors, production companies, and friends, so that they can view your résumés without having to log in. The new and improved Résumé Link pages showcase your name and photo, along with links back to your full multimedia résumés.

More Casting Directors, Directors, Producers, Talent Bookers, Agents, and Employers are searching for talent – Over the past two years, over 20,000 entertainment-industry professionals have created Casting Center/Employer/Find Talent accounts with Back Stage, from which they can search the BackStage.com Talent Database, post casting/job notices, and accept online submissions. To reach these 20,000+ professionals, make sure you have a terrific multimedia résumé on BackStage.com. Upload at least one photo, check your spelling, update your list of credits frequently, submit to notices, and then watch the job offers pour in.

More Upgrades and Improvements Are Coming Soon – Keep an eye out for even more enhancements to BackStage.com over the coming months!

Helpful Links:


The following are some great examples of resumes utilizing the new BackStage.com Multimedia Résumé System. Click on the links below, and then click on the View/Eye button next to each résumé listing to see the full  résumé:

Current & Past Subscribers:

Buildyourmultimediaresumetoday Current Subscribers: Click on the "Build Your Multimedia Resume Today" button on the BackStage.com homepage to manage your résumés; or choose from among any of the résumé, photo, and reel options on the BackStage.com menu-toolbar or in the "Actor's Toolbox".

Past Subscribers: If you created a resume on BackStage.com within the last two years, then we probably still have your résumé, photos, and reels on file. Simply click on the "Log In" button on BackStage.com, then click on the "Log in to Back Stage" option and log in using your old Username and Password. Then click on the "Manage Account" button. On the "Manage Account" screen, choose one of the subscription-renewal options. Once you've renewed your subscription, you'll be able to access and update your old résumés (if they were created on BackStage.com within the past 24 months).


-- Luke Crowe, National Casting Editor, Back Stage

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