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Think Broadway Is Expensive?


Theatre critic Mark Shenton writes in his blog for the U.K.'s The Guardian that "the West End is now officially more expensive to see a show than on Broadway. Top price tickets to see the original production of Hairspray in New York are currently $110 (£55), whereas it costs £60 to see the same show at London's Shaftesbury Theatre. Ditto the Royal Opera House, which is already the most expensive opera house in the world, with a current top price of £195, compared to the New York's Met (£147), Milan's La Scala (£160) or Glyndebourne (£190)."

Shenton notes that in a "Robin Hood" move, some of the most expensive tickets at London's Royal Opera House will continue to rise in price, while the "cheap" seats will get a little cheaper. And even though ticket prices likely cannot be cut without sacrificing cast or production values, attempting to democratize the theatre once again -- in price, at least -- would undoubtedly bring  a large new audience to many shows.

Just don't complain about the weak dollar quite yet. Our theatre-going friends across the pond are getting ripped off, too.

-- Daniel Lehman

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