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Letter: The Realities of Casting

As an actor, I find it insulting that a large amount of Back Stage's "casting" notices are for reality television. Reality productions are not searching for professional actors but fame seekers whom they can exploit, or in the better cases, they are simply wishing to document a person's life. In any case, I think you would agree that playing in a reality production can hardly be considered acting.

I think by including those calls in a publication that holds a reputation of supporting actors, you are promoting the notion that "performing" in a reality production is legitimate acting work. Personally, as an actor I find it demeaning, and I think Back Stage is doing a disservice to actors out there by condoning such work and publicizing it alongside genuine casting notices. What do you think?

-- Eli Bildner
Los Angeles

Response: Thanks for your letter, Eli. Although we agree that reality TV isn't the best venue for professional actors to practice their craft, we feel we owe it to our readers to let them know about all the opportunities that are available in the industry. We place reality TV notices in their own category so you can easily read or skip over them, depending on your interests. It's up to every individual actor to decide whether these types of opportunities will help or hinder his or her career.

-- The Back Stage Casting Department

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