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Take the Uwe Boll Challenge!

You may recall the news a few weeks ago that German filmmaker Uwe Boll is the object of an online petition to force him stop making movies (as well as another competing petition in favor of the director). The pro-Boll petition is stagnant at about 150 signatures, while the anti-Boll petition has gained almost 223,000 signatures (still short of the one million needed to oust Boll from the director's chair).

Boll has responded with a handful of short video messages, including this one:

In response to the recent video, in which the director encourages people to make their own movies rather than simply criticize his, blogger Matthew Dessem has announced The Uwe Boll Movie Challenge.

To compete in the Uwe Boll Movie Challenge, you must create a short film that meets the following guidelines:

  • It must be made at home.
  • You must use ketchup.
  • You must use a little brother.
  • You must not use some bulls*** nickname out of the internet.
  • You have until May 16th.

Post your video into the comments of Dessem's blog post. The contest is not sponsored or endorsed by Uwe Boll, and there is no prize involved (unless Uwe Boll decides to provide one).

-- Daniel Lehman

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