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Kiss Army Will Invade Reality TV

In news that can safely be categorized under "Who cares?" and "You've gotta be kidding me, seriously?," Paste reports that Kiss' longtime manager Doc McGhee has confirmed that the rock band will soon have its own reality television show -- to choose replacements for band members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, and eventually for all four members.

Like American Idol, the show will rely on viewers to vote for new members of the band.

McGhee said, "I believe that Kiss can go on forever. I believe that there is a way -- and we are talking to people and we're pretty close to getting it done -- about finding the four new members of Kiss."

No further details about the show are available at this time. But honestly, an all-new Kiss? Is this really necessary? Why not just recruit Mini Kiss and be done with it?

-- Daniel Lehman

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I'll believe anything these days in reality TV. One show that is quite entertaining is that Celebrity Circus on NBC...pretty funny. I believe it is on Wednesday nights...check out Wee Man!

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