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SAG Submits First Refusal

Of course, it didn't take long for SAG to indicate where AMPTP could stick their final offer.

Although the guild has not formally rejected the producers' no-ifs-ands-or-butts offer announced earlier this evening, SAG has released a statement of its own calling the deal "generally consistent with the AFTRA deal, particularly in its provisions relating to new media."

“This offer does not appear to address some key issues important to actors. For example, the impact of foregoing residuals for all made-for-new-media productions is incalculable and would mean the beginning of the end of residuals,” states SAG NED Doug Allen.

The guild is reviewing the 43-page offer and will meet with the AMPTP on Wednesday. On a somewhat bright note, the guild says not only should work under the TV/Theatrical pact continue, actors should also continue to audition for upcoming film and TV work. Comforting words, if the fear of a SAG strike hasn't killed off most of the TV and film auditions yet.

--Lauren Horwitch

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