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East-Coast Casting Highlights - 7/31/08

Castingyoucantrust_clapboardseal_wi Every week Back Stage publishes hundreds of notices -- casting notices, entertainment-industry job notices, and calls for submissions to talent contests and film festivals. Back Stage is the premier resource for actors, dancers, singers, comedians, and all performing artists -- plus those talented individuals working behind-the-scenes, including writers and crew -- looking for quality opportunities.  BackStage.com's casting database includes all of the notices from  the  popular Back Stage East and Back Stage West  publications, plus hundreds of additional items. 

Below are a few highlights from this week's East Coast notices, compiled by East-Coast Assistant Casting Editor (ACE) Sri Gordon:

To view hundreds of additional notices every day, run a Back Stage Casting/Job Search. To narrow down your search-results, try using the Advanced Search Filters to find notices with character-breakdowns tagged with specific job-categories, genders, age-ranges, pay ranges, and ethnicities.  Also check out Back Stage's extensive Production Listings and Blog Stage's categories for L.A. Auditions at a GlanceNYC Auditions at a Glance, Bulletins, and Seeking Submissions.

-- Luke Crowe, National Casting Editor, Back Stage

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