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Emmy Nominations Announced

Emmy_award After all of those Emmy nominee "short lists" were released last month, the official Emmy nominations were announced this morning by Kristin Chenoweth and Neil Patrick Harris -- both of whom, coincidentally, were nominated as supporting actors for their roles in Pushing Daisies and How I Met Your Mother, respectively.

I watched the announcements live, and the two were so cute standing at that podium together that someone should write a new musical just for them (Both joked that they would try out for Emmy-nominated reality competitions Dancing with the Stars and American Idol, so that's a start).

This year, the Emmys introduced a new category -- "Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Program." Most of the other choices seemed pretty safe, though, evidenced most strongly by the lack of nominations for HBO's The Wire.

The Emmy nominees for casting are as follows:


Outstanding Casting For A Comedy Series:

Californication (Showtime)
Felicia Fasano, C.S.A., Casting By
Pat McCorkle, C.S.A., Original New York Casting By

Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO)
Allison Jones, Casting Director

Pushing Daisies (ABC)
Camille Patton, C.S.A., Casting By
Meg Liberman, C.S.A., Casting By
Jennifer Lare, C.S.A., Casting By

30 Rock (NBC)
Jennifer McNamara Shroff, Casting by

Ugly Betty (ABC)
Jeff Greenberg, C.S.A., Casting By
Mark Scott, C.S.A., Casting By


Outstanding Casting For A Drama Series:

Brothers & Sisters (ABC)
Jeanie Bacharach, C.S.A., Casting Director
Gillian O’Neill, C.S.A., Casting Director

Damages (FX)
Julie Tucker, C.S.A., Co-Casting Director
Avy Kaufman, Casting Director - Pilot

Friday Night Lights (NBC)
Linda Lowy, Casting By
John Brace, Casting By
Beth Sepko, Texas Casting Director

Mad Men (AMC)
Kim Miscia, Casting Director (Pilot)
Beth Bowling, Casting Director (Pilot)
Laura Schiff, Casting Director (Series)
Carrie Audino, Casting Director (Series)

The Tudors (Showtime)
Nuala Moiselle, Casting By
Frank Moiselle, Casting By
Mary Jo Slater, C.S.A., US Casting By
Steve Brooksbank, C.S.A., US Casting By
Stephanie Gorin, C.S.A., C.D.C., Canadian Casting By
Ross Meyerson, Co-Casting Director


Outstanding Casting For A Miniseries, Movie or Special:

The Bronx Is Burning (ESPN)
Billy Hopkins, Casting By
Paul Schnee, Casting By
Hopkins, Smith & Barden Casting, Casting By

The Company (TNT)
Denise Chamian, C.S.A., Casting By
Scout Masterson, Casting By
Diane Kerbel, Canada Casting By
Priscilla John, UK Casting By
Zsolt Csutak, Hungary Casting By

Cranford (Masterpiece Theatre) (PBS)
Maggie Lunn, Casting Director

John Adams (HBO)
Kathleen Chopin, C.S.A., Casting Director
Nina Gold, C.D.G., Casting Director
Tracy Kilpatrick, Casting Director

Recount (HBO)
David Rubin, C.S.A., Casting Director
Richard Hicks, C.S.A., Casting Director
Lori S. Wyman, C.S.A., Florida Casting Director
Kathleen Chopin, C.S.A., New York Casting Director
Julie Schubert, New York Casting Director

Click here for the full list of Emmy nominees, or visit the Emmy website here.

-- Daniel Lehman

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