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Does Klondike Not Want to Sell Women Their Ice Cream Bars?

What would I, Miki Yamashita, do for a Klondike bar

Well, after seeing their new appallingly sexist ad campaign, the answer is:

NOTHING, bitches!

The premise of the ad is of course, the classic catchphrase we’ve known for years.

In past commercials, non-actor “man-in-the-street” types would lean into the microphone and offer up inane things like “cluck like a chicken” or “bark like a dog.” The pedestrian featured would execute the mildly embarrassing task, and then be rewarded with the well-earned frozen snack bar. Fine. A little lame, maybe, but whatever.

Well, the silver foil-wrapped polar-bear adorned ice cream treat people are back, but this time with a flip-side scenario. We see a married couple. The lady is unloading groceries and talking to her husband about who she bumped into at the store. The husband then responds to her, and his question indicates that he has been listening to her attentively. The action freezes, and the voiceover states: “This man was completely listening to his wife. Give him a Klondike bar.”

Um, Excuse Me???!!

Yeah, let’s reward a man for doing something that’s so excruciatingly difficult. How utterly painful to have to listen to a woman talk. Women are such BORING chatterboxes.

I have an idea. Let’s take all the Klondike bars out of the freezer so we can cram everyone from the ad agency in there until they’ve solidified into rock-solid human ice cubes.

That’s not even the end of it. There’s yet another spot that features a couple at an outdoor café discussing their plans for the day. During their conversation, a woman walks by the couple’s table. After she leaves, the voiceover: “That man kept his eyes on his wife. Give him a Klondike bar.”

Oh great. Now we’re handing out prizes to guys for not being a complete a-hole to their wives.

Sure, one could argue that the men in these commercials are getting made fun of too. But not really, because in the end, they’re the ones getting served a deliciously refreshing dessert item because they endured the ungodly daily tedium of being married. And according to the commercials’ copy, these guys are married to women who are clearly doing all the heavy lifting around the house.

If I ever get married, it sure as hell won’t be to a dude who expects an ice cream treat every time he places a used juice glass in the dishwasher.


Let’s raise the bar, people. If he loads the entire dishwasher, runs it, puts the dishes back in the cabinet, and brings me a Klondike bar, then he can have half of it.

-- Miki Yamashita

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How refreshing! Your cogent comments make it clear that the world––and attitudes within it––have changed. As a woman who served as a prosecutor during the late 1970s and early 1980s and watched as a judge routinely pinched female court personnel and lawyers (never me) who were terrified to speak up to complain, I (and many of my colleagues and friends) fought to catalyze change in attitudes toward women in all sectors. It is such a pleasure to read comments such as yours. Back in the 70s and 80s, folks would have laughed at the ad. Today, we laugh at––and lament––the insensitive morons who created it and the men and women who consume it and do not stand up for healthy respectful relationships. The piece you have written shows that sharp, articulate folks such as yourself recognize the respect level human beings deserve.

Miki Yamashita is obviously unaware that for many single as well as married men it is really a chore having to put up with the idle chatter of a female. Yes women are often BORING chatterboxes. Before she makes another typical female ridiculous assumption about men, next time I suggest she research her subject first. She gets no KLONDIKE BAR for being so predictably typical..... Thank you, Bill Perron

It's too bad we dont have a Klondike bar for Miki's typing. At least with one in her mouth we wouldn't have t listen to her talk.

Well, Bill, thanks for leaving your last name so that all women can avoid you like the plague so that we won't BORE you.
And thanks to you and Dan for proving that there is an audience out there for these completely tired, dated, sexist ideas about marriage and what a chore it is for men.
This campaign looks like a plot point from "Mad Men". If women are so hard to put up with, guys, don't marry 'em, don't date 'em and get thee to a monestery because we aren't interested in your blather, either.
You go, Miki!

Another thought - perhaps, Bill, you are only encountering boring women because the interesting ones would drop a guy like you in a New York minute?
Really, given your obvious ignorance and very sad hatred of an entire sex, responding to you is probably pointless and certainly shooting fish in a barrel. But thanks for giving me a fun way to start the long weekend :0)

Wait..What? I'm sorry honey. What was that?

These chicks are funny, thanks girls for all the laughs..... Bill Perron

Umm not exactly sure how this is offensive to women. This commercial is saying that all men have incredibly short attnetion spans and a wandering eye, and if we can focus all of our energy and pay attention to a 2 min. conversation, than we should be rewarded. It's calling all men stupid and horny (which is semi-true). Seems like a little bit of a stretch to make it all about the woman. But, you know, if that's the kind of thing that you look for, it's what your going to find whether or not it is really there.

Verizon or Cingular Ad

I think Klondike is getting back at that cell-phone ad, where the guy stares at the 2 girls walking by, and the girlfriend catches his roving eye, while chattering away. (single couple vs married couple)

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