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Improv Is Good For You


Members of the New York City comedy scene -- or more importantly, comedy fans who wish they could be part of the scene -- can now feel like they were there on stage after any sketch or improv show in town.

Our friends over at the New Roots Project have drawn our attention to Improv Is Good For You, a blog-style photo album of last night's comedy shows, posted almost immediately following the conclusion of each night's performance.


Even though still photos can't possibly replicate the onstage energy and thrill of live performances, the site's constantly-updated photos and videos still manage to show the different physical styles and personalities of their featured subjects. I started scrolling through the archives to find photos from shows I've been to, and ended up discovering new comedy groups I want to see perform live.

Check out Improv Is Good For You.

-- Daniel Lehman

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Wow, what great shots! Thanks for this!

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