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Seeking 'Cougars'

IiN TV Productions is developing a new reality show called Cougars: NYC. According to Page Six, Cougars is about  five older hotties "living the glamorous life in NYC . . . with men 10-plus years their junior." Rather than a reality dating show, a la The Bachelor or Age of Love, the new show will be similar to Bravo's Real Housewives of New York City, according to producers.

"Basically, it's meant to symbolize empowerment," executive producer Elizabeth Mwanga says of the word "cougar". "This isn't just horny older women chasing younger guys. It's women who are beautiful, successful, and hot, who can get these younger guys because they are hot."

Page Six reports that producers have already found three of their five cougars: R&B singer Mel'isa Morgan, WOR Radio ad exec Dawn Ellison, and medical sales company VP Shahla Husein -- all of whom only date guys in their 20s. A casting call will be held in NYC in August to find the final two women.

As always, be sure to check out the next issue of Back Stage for the complete casting notice and more info.

Cougar Cougars: NYC might be another sign of the apocalypse, of course -- which is why we're kind of embarrassed to say that this sounds at least a little bit awesome.

-- Daniel Lehman

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