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Back to Work!

Theofficeposter How excited am I that The Office is coming back tonight?! Woo hoo! I love Steve Carell as an actor. He is so subtle and funny and gentle and wonderful. His timing and his little ticks are amazing. This is the kind of show I get really excited about for actors, and I'm so glad The Office and 30 Rock and shows like that caught on.

What a good sign for any working actor that some of the most popular sitcoms on TV feature ensemble casts of mainly unknowns with plenty of opportunities for guest and featured spots and plenty of chances to shine.  (Get yourself psyched up for the big one-hour season premiere at 9 p.m. on NBC by watching these interviews with cast members and checking out some spoilers, courtesy of E!)

Welcome back to work everybody!

--Anna Bengel

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Check out this article from the New York Times a few days ago about 'The Office' actor/writer/producer BJ Novak:


It's an interesting look at how an actor worked his way up the ladder and built a name for himself by creating his own destiny.

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