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Chow Down and Mull Over

Cheeseburger I just found article about what stars order and eat during interviews, and it got me thinking. This is a little puff piece that carries surprising weight, if you start to consider all the issues involved, especially for extremely public, well-known people having their decisions and behaviors analyzed so carefully by the press and the public.

Tawdry gossip alert: I have heard that stars choose their meals in advance to reflect a certain lifestyle or attitude, because they know full well the reporter will notice and  mention what was eaten. The rumor goes that these celebrities would never eat that stuff in private life but wants to put on some kind of show or front for the public story.

Think of some waif ordering a cheeseburger or a bowl of linguini to give cred to her assertions that she doesn't diet or isn't anorexic or thinks women shouldn't deny themselves or wants to promote an image of healthy nonchalance about food or wants to reiterate through action that she doesn't think about how much she weighs. Think of the subtle message sent by ordering green tea with blueberries versus multiple Diet Cokes. Celebrities probably plan everything else about their public appearances; why not food? But it sounds a little extreme to me.

-- Anna Bengel

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