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I Couldn't Help but Wonder...

Sexandthecitymovie_2 ...how much more life can we wring out of the Sex and the City franchise? When it comes to Carrie Bradshaw, how much more must we take?

First, I heard Cynthia Nixon saying on the red carpet at the Emmys that Michael Patrick King has "some ideas" about a Sex and the City movie sequel. (What now, Carrie and Big are going to get divorced and remarried to each other?) Then the DVD comes out, the extended version. (Thank goodness: those first two and a half hours really only scratched the surface! There are so many more cliches to be mined.) And now this: Carrie the early years.

I know I'm being glib, but seriously: the danger of carrying the SATC brand this far is that at some point even the freshest, liveliest, most original idea will be lost under the mountain of crap peddled precisely to exploit its enormous popularity. SATC the enterprise is becoming a mockery of Sex and the City the real thing: the real, often smart, delightfully sassy, breakout television show. SATC is now meta-SATC, with everything revolving around itself, spiraling downward and out of control. It's only -- and all - about itself.

(This review by Rick Groen helps to sum up my sentiments on the movie, although it isn't as deliciously, devilishly excoriating as the one Anthony Lane wrote for The New Yorker.)


Forget the fashion: something good is being crushed, twisted and exaggerated and packaged, and it's probably already too late to resuscitate -- or even remember -- what the show truly was, in its original self, what it brought to the discussion (of sex, culture, gender, power), or what it could have been. That is, if it had just been left alone to be itself.

--Anna Bengel

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