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NBC's Knight Rider : I'd Rather Watch Olympic Curling

Knightrider I detest football, baseball, or any other kind of sport that involves the maniacal runnings after of a small animal skin covered object.  However, not even fifteen minutes into watching the premiere of Knight Rider, I would have happily sat down with a beer and consumed an hour of any to get the bad remake taste out of my eyeballs... a statement that makes about as much sense as NBC's decision to re-do this iconic show.

From the bad acting to the ridiculous sounding car, my first question was casting.  The characters seemed tepid and blissfully devoid of chemistry -- in my opinion (and I read the script), it wasn't due to the writing, though that admittedly could have been stronger, as well.

The remake of the '80s series is full of sex, special effects, and actiony Batmobile car chases.  One would think such a combination would make for a tolerable if not remotely entertaining show.  And they'd be home, ordering Pay Per View Sports right along with me.

-- Ashley Avis

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