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What Happened To Their Careers?


Ever wonder why former stars like Michael Keaton, Geena Davis, and John Lithgow (or almost-stars like Steve Zahn, Anna Faris and Timothy Olyphant) haven't enjoyed the long-lasting onscreen success they might have? Well, the A.V. Club does, and they've compiled a list of 26 actors who should fire their agents because they deserve better careers.

Now, we can't agree with everyone on this list. Jamie Lee Curtis has gotten older, naturally, and also made some poor film choices in the '90s. Bob Odenkirk was funny as half of the Mr. Show duo (with comedian David Cross), but has made crap movies as a director. And the list-makers even admit that some of their chosen actors gave poor performances in forgettable films. Sometimes it's up to the actor to create his own career, after all.

But which entry on the list is our favorite? Check it out below.

From "Someone fire their agents! 26 actors who deserve better careers":

7. Rachel Dratch

During her 1999-2007 stint on Saturday Night Live, Rachel Dratch was a star. As one of the show's longest-running female cast members, she took on characters like Barbara Walters, Debbie Downer, and an amorous hippie college professor. Most notably, though, she wasn't afraid to get ugly with her roles, playing, for instance, the drooling love-child of James Haven and Angelina Jolie, complete with an arm growing out of her head. Dratch's longtime creative partnership with Tina Fey looked like it would strike gold again with 30 Rock, only Dratch hit a snag—her character on the sitcom was replaced by Jane Krakowski. Dratch showed up in several cameo roles in the show's first season, but has since faded away. In spite of her noteworthy SNL run, Dratch has yet to find another outlet for her talents—she's appeared on Third Watch and The King Of Queens, and in films like Martin & Orloff, Dickie Roberts; Former Child Star, and Click. Nobody is more aware of the unfair career turn than Dratch, who bemoaned her downtime to New York magazine earlier this year: In response, Perez Hilton offered on his website to pay her to make some "funny videos," but whether that's better than not working is unclear.


Apparently, the A.V. Club writers didn't read Blog Stage around the time the comedienne was complaing to New York mag. Otherwise, they would have known that she had been cast in Scramble! at the Westport Country Playhouse in Westport, CT (Back Stage published the casting notice -- did Dratch read it before her audition?).

It looks like Rachel Dratch can safely be cut from the list, after all...

-- Daniel Lehman

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