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Reality TV: Real Work or Real Lame?

Survivorcast Who says being on a reality television show isn't acting? Even if your character is you, or at least a lot like you, you still have to play a part. You have to play up certain things and downplay certain things. You have to be powerful and subtle, charming and cunning, serious without being obsessive, competitive without being wacko, likable but not forgettable. You have to convey certain emotions at specific times in keeping with the tone and progression of the show.

Some general tips from Slate writer Joanna Weiss:

*Be charismatic.
*Be open (to other people, other ideas, other ways of doing things).
*Be brave.

Sounds a lot like approaching a role in a "real" movie or TV show, yes? You could be the girl-next-door, the villain, the showoff, the shy guy, the one who struggled against all odds to live the dream of fill-in-the-blank, the single mother, the working mother, the trophy wife, the overlooked little brother, the man with something to prove, the cut-up, the clown. Think of all the parts just waiting for you to come play them!

In fact, reality contestants often get noticed. Play the part right, and you could open up a lot of doors. But is there something unprofessional and pathetic about actors going out for reality TV? Is it good practice or is it just lame? Do you think more actors nowadays are interested in pursuing such projects? Or should they be?

--Anna Bengel

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check out my reality show i'm trying to get going...


yea, it's true about staying in character.

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