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Awards Already: Hollywood Film Festival

83459345 The Hollywood Film Festival awards were handed out last night and Pete Hammond has a great recap of it here.  I have to admit, I've never heard of this awards group but this is apparently their 12th year and the stars certainly came out, including the lovely Christian Bale, whose hit film The Dark Knight scored "Hollywood Producers of the Year Award" and the audience award for favorite film of the year.

My favorite part is how many attendees commented on the fact that there is already so much buzz around movies that haven't even been released. Or as The Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan said, "I find the most surreal thing is that people seem to be talking about a lot of movies they couldn't have possibly seen yet."

Another puzzler: James Franco and John Patrick Shanley received "Breakthrough" Awards? Didn't Shanley win an Oscar in the 1980s? And hasn't Franco pretty much done everything from cult TV shows to big-budget blockbusters to winning a Golden Globe Award? Full list of winners here.

--Jenelle Riley

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