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BIFA Nominees: Giving Love to 'In Bruges'

Movieposter Sometimes, the British get it right. Okay, they were way off about that whole Revolutionary War snafu, but other than that, they're okay, as evidenced by the list of British Independent Film Award nominees, available here. One of the films that received multiple nominations that I hoped would also score some love in the States (but realistically doesn't have a shot) is In Bruges, which was released earlier this year to little fanfare, but remains one of my favorite movies of the year.

The tale of two hitmen forced to lie low in the tiny town of Bruges, Belguim after a botched job, the movie features spectacular performances from one of my favorite actors, Brendan Gleeson, and a funny, vanity-free turn by Colin Farrell. Ralph Fiennes also pops up in a great supporting role as their sociopathic boss. 

Writer-director Martin McDonagh doesn't need more love from the Academy--his 2005 short film Six Shooter, also starring Gleeson, already won him an Oscar and is certainly worth checking out. You can buy it here or download it on iTunes and it's just under 30 minutes of twisted fun balanced with heartbreaking tragedy. In short, a perfect primer forIn Bruges.  

--Jenelle Riley

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