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The Politics of Hollywood

HarrisonFordinAirForceOne If art imitates life, and vice versa, things are getting all too weird. Today we have these three stories, in order of increasing ridiculousness, that show just how much the political world and the entertainment world have blurred together. That's it everybody: if you want to be an actor, just be a politician! You might get some pretty big parts.

Number One: Joe the Plumber (a man neither named Joe or a plumber) dropped Matt Damon's name in an interview about his (limited) political influence.

Number Two: 007 Daniel Craig says Barack Obama would make a better Bond than John McCain (whom he compared to Judi Dench).

Number Three: Agents and managers in Hollywood are discussing ways for the entertainment industry to capitilize on Sarah Palin's fame. I don't think we're talking sitcom or cop drama here, but daytime talk-show or reality TV (that's so much better yes?)

Are you with me in wondering: what is going on here? Oh forget it: let's just elect Harrison Ford and get it over with already.

--Anna Bengel

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