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Maya Rudolph Back to 'SNL'?

Michelle Obama

TMZ reports today that former Saturday Night Live cast member Maya Rudolph will return to SNL this weekend to play Michelle Obama; Rudolph left the show last November.

While we can't remember being this interested in a season of SNL in a long, long time, we're a little skeptical. Not only has the show so far failed to make Fred Armisen's impersonation of Barack Obama at all funny (it seems like they just haven't figured out a way to poke fun of the Democratic candidate all election season), but the trend of casting vaguely ethnic comedians as the African-American couple Barack and Michelle Obama also underscores SNL's failings to diversify its cast of late.

Maya rudolph But Rudolph does actually look enough like the possible future first lady to pull it off, so maybe we should just let this go.

Since Tina Fey will apparently not be guest-starring as VP candidate Sarah Palin this weekend, who really cares anyway?

-- Daniel Lehman

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