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'Brothers and Sisters' Getting Stale

  Brothers and sisters Have you noticed lately that every episode of Brothers and Sisters is exactly the same? One of the Walker siblings is depressed or non-communicative or stressed out or something. The others plot to fix the problem in a dysfunctional manner. There's a big argument at the family dinner or party--they're always having one. This used to be a fairly interesting show with topics never covered on other TV episodics. Now I watch it because it's the only show with a married gay couple and they actually kiss on the mouth.

BTW, can you believe Kevin (he's the gay brother) quit his high-income lawyer job to work for his brother-in-law Robert--a Republican senator??!  I think they just added that for drama--forget the fact that it makes no logical sense. I wonder if they are going to work in the passage of Proposition 8 and what tension that will cause between Kevin and Robert. Maybe Kevin will march in protest and Robert will tell him he can't do that because it would be embarassing for his campaign and Kevin will quit. That would be interesting.

Speaking of Prop Hate (I mean 8), we've received two letters about the recent resignation of Scott Eckern, artistic director of the California Music Theatre in Sacramento, because of his donation in support of the anti-gay marriage measure. Both writers feel Eckern was hounded out of his position for having unpopular political views and that actor Susan Egan and composer Marc Shaiman should not have moved to boycott the theatre because of Eckern's $1,000 contribution. One writer asks how would Egan feel if protesters showed up at a theatre where she was performing because they disagreed with her pro-gay marriage stand? The answer is: such protestors would have every right to do so, just as Egan and Shaiman had the right to protest against Eckern's stand. Anti-gay marriage people have the right to boycott Disney because of its positive policy towards gay couples--and have done so. This is America, we can make our opinions heard. I've also heard that a small but significant percentage of Californians who voted for Prop 8 have now changed their minds and if the vote were held again it would fail.

--David Sheward

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