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Sabotaging Your Success

Royalcourtrushes When you go to Macy's one too many times during the month and you go to the counter  to purchase that hot item, only to hear: Declined!.  It's not a good feeling. What went wrong?  You did not stop to ask yourself: Can I afford it?

Are you always rushing to make it to your auditions only to be late every time?  Just like that frivolous purchase at Neiman's, as an actor, you should also be ready to answer the question : Can you afford it? 

Here are some ways we artists all sabotage our chances for success in this industry.  See if any of these look familiar.

CargoShipsLyTheirTradeAt OdessaPortjpg Should you go on a date with that hot guy from Match.com who you have been swooning over?   Should you go, even though you know you will miss that networking party with the one Casting Director who can get you in for 24?  Can you afford it?

What about your auditions, are you really going in prepared?  Have you made sure to do all your beats and intentions?  Have you made sure to be off book so you are confidant?  Or are you just going to wing it?  This role isn't a stretch.  This girl is the neurotic side-kick.  You got it in the bag.  Can you afford it?

Should you skimp on head shots this time?  God, you are so sick of spending the money and besides you don't get called in anyway with the expensive ones.  Can you afford it?

Next week you have a general with Pagano/Manwiller.  Wow, you are psyched.  The only thing is,  she scheduled the interview for 9:00 AM on the 5th of December which is the day after your friend's twenty-first birthday bash.  Oh, man you don't want to go home early!  So you rationalize with yourself; well if I shower the night before, I can sleep in a little.  I should be fine.  But, can you afford it?Boysleeping

The answer is no, you cannot afford it if you want to compete in a business where everyone is right at your heels waiting for you to mess up so they can step right in. 

Take care of yourself.  Sometimes the little things we do, the small choices we make, sabotage us and muddy the bigger picture.

So think twice next time you hang out too late and decide to hit the snooze button. 

In this business, if you snooze, you most definitely lose.

-- Heather Langone

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