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From 'Oye Como Va' to 'Oy Vey'

Strikewatch_blog_4 It seems that SAG, the AMPTP, and the WGA drew inspiration today from the first season of The West Wing and staged their own version of "Take Out the Trash Day," dumping a flurry of newsworthy press releases (well, four) on hard-working journalists who would have rather used this pre-vacation work day much like we did back in college at the end of the semester--you know, when your last final is done and you sell your chemistry textbook back to the school store for 30 cents on the dollar, use the windfall on a six-pack of Beck's and a bag of agricultural recreation, and repair to the dorm room to rediscover the joys of Santana's Abraxas.

Instead, we get to spend the day writing about new-media residuals and Tyler Perry.

First, to SAG, which kicked off its strike-authorization vote educational campaign today with two emails: a letter from national president Alan Rosenberg and a FAQ sheet. Each reiterates past points: The producers' deal would end residuals as we know them and securing strike authorization doesn't necessarily mean there is going to be a strike. Of course, the AMPTP replied with a statement

that basically said, "I know you are but what am I?" Oy, will someone please end this thing?

Then the WGA announced it had reached an agreement with Tyler Perry for the shows House of Payne and Meet the Browns after five months of negotiations. The guild alleged Mr. Perry fired four writers when they tried to unionize. Perry said they left on the own accord. The news release didn't say much, but if you look at it closely, it may be that the writers--three of whom are WGA members--got tossed under the bus while the guild got a contract with Mr. Perry.

Okay. That's done. Who has the bottle opener, and has anybody seen my lighter?

-- Andrew Salomon

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