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Playwrights: Call for Scripts for 2010

Hey guys, I just heard about this opportunity. Playwrights 6 has put out a call for scripts for 2010 co-production opportunity in Los Angeles.  Los Angeles-based Playwrights 6 is seeking material.  Are you the next David Mamet or Wendy Wasserstein ?  They are accepting full-length plays or a collection of short plays.  Playwrights 6 is an award-winning, playwright-managed theater company that takes productions develops and co-produces.   The deadline is 2-15-09 (postmarked).  They are offering you,  Los Angeles County playwrights, an excellent opportunity to partner as Producer with them in a co-production of your work.


Once they select a script, they will talk to you about how the co-production works.

According to the company, this is what you can expect from them as producers: they will make an investment of money, offer support services as well as their input which includes ten years of experience of putting up high-quality works on L.A. stages.

The guidelines for your submission are as follows.  Your script must be a play that has not previously received a full production (staged readings or workshop productions are permissible).  Also, it must be a full-length or a collection of short plays with a total running time of approximately 90 to 120 minutes.

It must be the work of a resident of Los Angeles County.   It can be any genre, including children's plays, except musicals and translations. Original adaptations of other source material are also acceptable provided that the source material is in the public domain.

Finally, only one script per playwright is allowed.

The submission process is as follows; you must send two copies of the script, with your name, address, phone number and email address on the cover page.  Also include a brief development history of the play, if applicable and a cast breakdown.  Lastly, attach a curriculum vitae of your work as an author.  Scripts will not be returned. Electronic submissions will not be accepted.
You will receive a response from the selection committee by August 2009.

The address for all submissions is: 

Playwrights 6
9903 Santa Monica Blvd., #272
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

For questions, contact G. Bruce Smith at [email protected] Their website is http://www.playwrights6.org.  Again, it sounds great.  Sure you may have to invest a little in your own work, but you will get credit and experience as a Producer and Writer as well as being seen.  However as with all showbiz opportunities, use your best judgment and proceed with caution. 

Oh and let me know if you are accepted!  This could be the start something big!

-- Heather Langone

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