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The Cool Russian Actor ! : Spielberg or Bust

Coolrussianactor  Know what you get when you YouTube search the word "actor?"

Johnny Depp.  A video of Bill Pullman's son getting cuffed [er... two of those], a random band from Denmark's 80s style music video and...


There's some dude, in Russia (or somewhere in Brooklyn... with an A-list agency restraining order and a very, very good accent) making YouTube videos of himself.  And he wants to be an  "ak... act?  ACTOR!"

Not only is the guy randomly endearing, but one has to wonder... at 327,162 hits... if this young, silly fellow who "wanna play in your movie" might just get noticed.  He has multiple videos, all of which at the least elicited a nose snort or two, and he can wear a mean hoodie.

Cool Russian Actor's reel includes scenes paying off Catholic priests, sitting in a bathtub with a bag of McDonalds and the Statue of Liberty telling Americans to "stop with the fat", and genuinely telling off Justin Timberlake for touching his "Jessica Debiel".

If you're looking for a kick, or would like the affirmation that at least your career hasn't included YouTubing a french-fry bathtub scene, check out Cool Russian Actor on his YouTube page.

You'll also never see the statue of liberty quite the same way again.  

-- Ashley Avis

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