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The Holiday Respite Before Pilot Season

Deep-sleep-af Keep your eye on the prize!  It's easy to get carried away with holidays, end of the year parties and shopping, that you forget why you are here -- to have an acting career.  Believe it or not, now can be a great time to get in with a good agent if you don't have one.

Over the four day weekend, after you have stuffed yourself silly, slept way too much and have vowed you will never eat again, it 's a good time to form your strategy for the upcoming Pilot Season.

Officeparty Even though the actual Pilot Season is a sort of gray, when-is-it-really, subject, agents still haven't changed much.  Around this time of year, some agents do one last drop of clients who just aren't cutting it.  Then they start looking for actors to fill the gap in their client list. 

This may be your last chance to get that picture in front of them before it gets really busy.  This is assuming of course that The Screen Actor's Guild doesn't strike.  Now if they do strike, which SAG has asked its members to authorize, it might be a good time to get in with casting directors instead of agents for  'generals'. 

A 'general' is basically just a meet and greet with the CD so he or she is aware of you when casting the upcoming season.

But let's make a wish on a star and assume that there will be no strike and if there is a strike, it's very short.  So over the long weekend when you have nothing to do but laze around, get your submissions ready.  Maybe draft a new cover letter that's more snazzy and shows off your personality.  Get an agency guide and go through to see what agencies may be new and looking. 

Then do your mass mailing and have it ready to go on Monday.  It's a great time to do it.  Agents will be well rested and hopefully looking for fresh faces.

For you it's great because you may not be so bogged down with work, holidays and auditions, that you just don't have the time to look for a new agent.  It's a win-win so get to it!  This television season could be the one that changes everything!

-- Heather Langone

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