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The Last Word: What is the best feedback you’ve gotten from a casting director?

ActorsontheStreet “After a final callback for a comedy that went extremely well…the CD said to me under his breath on the way out, ‘Well, that was the most fun we’ll have all day.’ That was great, but the best feedback came the next day when he called to say that I had booked the gig.”
—Todd Faulkner
New York

“From Christy Dooley [The Bold and the Beautiful]: ‘Stop standing like a pageant girl!’ ”
—Kristina Hughes
Los Angeles

“The best feedback I’ve gotten was from a director, not a casting director. Sydney Pollack directed the background [actors] on The Interpreter to simply be natural, to not anticipate, to act like it’s happening for the first time…. I’ve kept that with me always. I was stunned a director would even address background and offer advice. Usually directors are silent and just leave that to the P.A.’s.”
—Dawn Ressy
New York

“The best feedback I got from a casting director was ‘If you’re going to move to L.A., find a sugar momma who is about to die, so you don’t have to work two jobs!’ I knew my chances were slim, so I moved to the East Coast. I still could use a sugar momma.”
—Andy Rose
New York

“The best—or maybe most interesting—feedback I’ve received was being told by the casting associate that Steven Spielberg said I was the ‘only person’ for the role of the Swatch store manager in The Terminal. I had just one line, but while shooting I snuck in an additional line of dialogue. After I added the extra line, Spielberg told me I ‘just got the line of the movie.’ To my surprise, the additional line even made the final cut of the film.”
—Stephon Fuller
Los Angeles

Speak your mind! The Last Word is a weekly feature in Back Stage. To contribute to the column, read the questions below and email your answers (100 words or less) and a headshot to West Coast News Editor Lauren Horwitch at [email protected]. Please include the name of your city or town.

• Have you played or would you play a character of a race different than your own?
• Which director would you most like to work with?
• Have you auditioned or would you audition for a reality show?
• What is the strangest role you’ve played?

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