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Awful Movies from 2008 You Gotta See

TheLoveGuru Sometimes there's nothing better than a really bad movie. So before we get all starstruck and doe-eyed over all the award contenders and Oscar season craziness (Golden Globes in two weeks people!), let's take a moment to pause and make some much deserved time for those flicks that are so terrible you just have to love 'em. (Or not?)

Dave White, a film critic and contributor over at MSNBC, has the annual task of rounding up the best worst movies of the year, and this year his list includes the Al Pacino stinker 88 Minutes (made that much cooler by the fact that it runs in real time) and The Love Guru ("Which ice floe does funny pick to go die on?)

Any flicks you'd put up for honorable mention?

--Anna Bengel

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