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The Idiots of 2008

IndyJonesCrystalSkullposter We shouldn't wrap up the year by dwelling on all the bad stuff (financial meltdown, economy tanking, burst housing bubble). Instead, let's take a few moments to relish the flubs of famous Hollywood people this year! That will be fun! Nothing makes you feel a little bit warmer about the hard, cold world than seeing some smart, successful, wealthy, and powerful person do something idiotic.

With that in mind, Greg Ellwood has happily provided us with a review of this year's biggest cinematic busts. A few highlights:

* Steven Spielberg "nukes the fridge" in the fervently anticipated, hugely disappointing Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

* The Wachowski brothers and M. Night Shyamalan sink even lower

* Al Pacino continues to tarnish his legendary image in stinkers like Righteous Kill and 88 Minutes

That and, oh yes, indie flicks from the famed Sundance festival all fail, Picturehouse -- the indie arm of New Line that gave us the critical and box office hits Pan's Labyrinth, The Orphanage, La Vie En Rose, and A Prairie Home Companion -- is shuttered, and Harvey and Bob can't buy a hit. And then there's the writer's strike.

Wait: suddenly this doesn't feel so great. But here's hoping the movie business can get things turned around in 2009...so long as there isn't an actor's strike. Sigh. Take a look at these photos of adorable celebrity babies!

--Anna Bengel

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